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First Quarter of 2015-16

Puducherry government presented Vote on Accounts(VOA) in lieu of full-fledged budget.

Chief Minister cum Finance Minister Mr.N.Rangasamy presented the Vote on Accounts for fiscal year 2015-16. The government has proposed Rs.1483.33 Crores for meeting the expenses in the first quarter of financial year 2015-16. There is no space for proposing any new schemes by the government since VOA has been passed.

The government has earlier passed the Vote on Account for previous 4 years, and this is the 5th consecutive year, VOA has been passed.

Certain reasons to mention why the Puducherry government has passed VOA.

1. Difficulty in transition from the Planning Commission model to the NITI Aayog framework.

2. Puducherry is neither under the ambit of the Central Finance Commission nor a Union Territory directly budgeted by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

3. Delay in approval of plan size by the Centre.






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