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TIN Number under the Puducherry VAT Act

TIN numbers have been assigned to dealers already registered under the PGST Act.

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Dealers already registered under the PGST Act are deemed to be provisionally registered and required to submit their application for registration within one month under the proposed VAT Act. (Section 6(1))

Briefly the procedure is

    The application in Form A with a fee of


(i) Rs.10000 in respect of medium and large-scale industries;


(ii) Rs.5000 in respect of dealers in Indian Made Foreign Liquor; and


(iii) Rs.100 in respect of other cases

Form A to be accompanied with a tax return of estimated turnover for twelve months (Rule 3(2)).

Additional fee of Rs.100 for copy of registration certificate for every additional place of business is also payable at the time of submission of application for registration.

The completed application form is to be submitted affixing the photograph(s) of the applicant(s) and shall be signed by -

(i) in the case of a proprietary concern, by the proprietor or proprietrix as the case may be,

(ii) in the case of a Hindu Undivided family, by the Karta,

(iii) in the case of a company, by all the Directors or any officer so authorised by the Board of Directors with the Common Seal of the Company,

 (iv) in the case of a local authority, by its principal officer ,

(v) in the case of a firm, by all partners thereof not being a minor and for a minor partner by the guardian, ( Form B, furnishing details regarding the partners of the firm, along with application form to be submitted to the registering authority for the registration of partnership firm )

(vi) in case of any other dealer, by a person so authorised to act in his behalf.

(vii) in case of existing dealers under the repealed Pondicherry General Sales Tax Act, 1967, there is no requirement to file estimated turnover return.

The applications may be within one month from the date of commencement of this Ordinance for final registration i.e. before 31/07/2007.

Within 30 from the date of receipt of the application from a dealer, the registering authority shall, issue a certificate of registration in Form - D allotting a tax payer identification number (TIN). (Rule 7(1))

Click to download Application Form A in Word Format


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