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General Sales Tax Forms





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Form A3

Return of Estimated Turnover

  Form A-1 

Return of Turnover - Monthly/Half Yearly/Yearly

  Form A-2 

Statement of Claim for reimbursement of Tax paid on sales or purchases of Goods specified in Section 4

  Form A-3 

Statement of claim for refund of tax paid on the last purchase of goods specified in Sub-section (2) of Section 4-A

  Form A-4

Statement of claim for Refund of tax paid on Sales Return/Unfructified Sales specified in Section  4-C and 4-D 

  Form -5 

Statement of claim for Refund of tax paid by a 100% Export oriented Unit

  Form A-7 

Statement of particulars to determine Liabilities to Additional Tax

  Form -9

Return of Exemption claimed

  Form A-10 

Statement of Turnover by Government departments/Quarterly

  Form A-11 

Form for opting compounded rates under Section 7-E

  Form A-12 

Annual Return of Turnover under TNGST Act

  Form AA 

Return of Estimated Turnover under Section 7

  Form AA-1 

Return of Annual Turnover (For Assessment under Section 7)

  Form AA-2 

Return showing the details of the amount received or returned due to price variation

  Form AAA

Return of Estimated draws in Lottery Tickets 

  Form AAA-1

Return of draws in Lottery Tickets

  Form AAAA 

Return of Estimated Turnover of Re-sale of goods

  Form AAAA-1 

Annual Return of Turnover of Re-sale

  Form AB-1 

Return to be filed by the dealer who has only Resale Turnover under Section 3-H

  Form B 

Notice of provisional assessment and demand for payment of tax or taxes (Advance Payment of Tax)

  Form B-1 

Notice of Provisional Annual Demand

  Form B-2 

Notice of provisional Monthly Assesment and Demand

  Form B-3 

Notice of Final Annual Assessment and Demand

  Form B-4 

Notice of Final Assessment and Demand

  Form B-6 

Notice to any person for recovery of money due

  Form B-7 

Notice of Revision of Assessment and Demand

  Form B-8 

Notice of demand on escaped Assessment

  Form B-9 

Notice of Assessment and Demand for purchase tax under Section 7 - A

  Form C 

Notice of Final Assessment and Refund Order

  Form C-1

Form of Certificate for Reimbursement/Refund of Tax

  Form C-2 

Form of Intimation for Payment of Interest due

  Form C-3 

Form of Refund of Tax

  Form D 

Application for Registration Dealer

  Form D-1 

Certificate of Registration

  Form D-2 

Permit granted to a Registered Dealer

  Form D-3 

Authorisation granted to travelling salesman or representative

  Form I

Form of Appeal under Section 31/31-A

  Form II 

Form of Revision

  Form III

Form of Appeal memorandum to the Appellate Tribunal

  Form III-A 

Form of Memorandum of cross-objection

  Form IV 

Form of Application for Review to the Appellate Tribunal 

  Form V 

Appeal - Memorandum of Appeal to special Appellate Tribunal 

  Form VI 

Revision - Memorandum of Civil revision petition to special Appellate Tribunal

  Form VII 

Review - Memorandum of Civil miscellaneous petition to special Appellate Tribunal under section 37(7)

  Form VIII 

Review - Memorandum of Civil miscellaneous petition to special Appellate Tribunal (under section 38 (8))

  Form IX 

Declaration for forming of partnership

  Form X

Declaration for Retirement from partnership

  Form XI 

Declaration of Manager of business

  Form XII 

Form of summons under the TNGST ACT

  Form XII-A 

Declaration by person objecting to Notice under section 26

  Form XIII 

Authorisation under Section 52(A)/52(C) of the Act to appear before Sales Tax Authority other than the special Appellate Tribunal

  Form XIV 

Form of Application seeking clarification from the commissioner of commercial taxes

  Form XV 

Application for Enrolement as a Sales Tax practitioner

  Form XVI 

List of Sales Tax practitioners qualified under Section 52 of the  TNGST ACT

  Form XVII

Form of Declaration under Section 3(3)

  Form XVII-B 

Stock account of goods purchased under Section 3(3)

  Form XVIII 

Register of Declaration Forms maintained under Rule 22


Register of Declaration Forms received under Rule 22

  Form XIX 

Security Bond for stay of collection of tax, fees or other amount disputed

  Form XIX-A 

Security Bond to be furnished by the driver or other person in charge of goods vehicle or boat

  Form XIX-B 

Security Bond

  Form XIX-C 

Bank guarantee for stay of collection of Tax, etc,

  Form XX 

Delivery Note

  Form XX-A

Form of Declaration by clearing and forwading agent

  Form XX-B 

Form of Declaration to be furnished while Transporting agricultural produce

  Form XXI 

Certificate in the cae of goods liable to single point tax

  Form XXI-A 

Form of Declaration in respect of Fifth Schedule goods

  Form XXI-AA

Form of Certificate to be furnished by a dealer dealing in goods falling under Sixth Schedule

  Form XXI-B

Register of Declaration Forms maintained under Rule 22- B

  Form XXI-C

Register of Declaration Forms received under Rule 22-B

  Form XXII 

Order book to be maintained by jewellery manufacturer

  Form XXIII 

Register showing sales of goods (Bill wise, Goods wise)

  Form XXIV 

Register of delivery note maintained under Rule 37

  Form XXV 

Register to be maintained by the principal who effect sales of purchases through agents

  Form XXVI

Register to be maintained by the principal who effect sales or purchases through agents

  Form XXVII 

Declaration in respect of Transfer of goods between Head office, Branch office and Factory

  Form XXVIII 

Form of Declaraion to be furnished by the Contractors

  Form XXIX 

Statement of goods transported without documents or with defective documents

  Form XXX 

Production - cum- stock account

  Form XXX-A 

Day - to - day sales account of Lottery Tickets liable to tax

  Form XXX-B 

Monthly account of receipts and sales of Lottery Tickets liable to tax

  Form XXX-C 

Daily account relating to Lottery Tickets not liable to tax

  Form XXXI

Register showing purchases and sales of goods by Dealer who exercised his opinion under Section 7  of the TNGST ACT

  Form XXXII

Form of Declaration to be furnished by a Carrier/ Bailee or the person in-charge of the goods and records

  Form XXXIII 

Form of Application to be made to the Assessing authourity for claiming the Interest due under Section 24(4)

  Form XXXIV 

Form of enhancement petition before the Appellate Tribunal 

  Form XXXV 

Form of Intimation on contract/leases

  Form XXVI 

Form of Application for obtaining Transit pass 

  Form XXVII 

Statement of Tax Deduction at source

  Form XXVII-A 

Certificate of Deduction of Sales Tax at source

  Form XXVII-B 

Certificate in respect of works contractor who has no liability to pay or has paid tax under section 3-B or section 7-C



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