Though user will be able to identify the commodity shall be searched by Search View Option, we have designed the Tree View Option to display all the commodities indexed in the software alphabetically.

Select Tree View and the window will open as shown alongside

Click on any commodity and type the first few letters of any commodity and the list will move to display the commodity you have typed.

The commodity selected will be preceded by numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. The numbers indicates the levels of the commodity. No.1 indicates that there are four more levels to which further classification of sub commodities have been made. Level 5 is the lowest and is the commodity for which the relevant details have been indexed in the software.

Select the required commodity and double click. Details for the commodity would be displayed in the Main Window.


After the schedule Entry, the basis on which the commodity is classified is noted in brackets as either a Schedule Description or as clarified in Clarifications

In the bottom grid, Tabs for the Schedule Entry, Act, Rules, Forms, Notification, Clarifications, Phamplets and Circulars as relevant would be displayed. Select the appropriate tab to view the provisions relevant to the Commodity.


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