VAT rate for about 7822 commodities as in Schedule description and as clarified in the Clarifications have been indexed. The commodities have been indexed in 5 levels to facilitate viewing of commodities falling in a category like, say, Automobiles, Ores and Minerals, Electrical Goods, Electronic Goods, Orthopedic Goods and so on.

For any commodity, the details of the respective Schedule Entry, Comodity Code, Clarifications, Notifications and Circulars as relevant can be viewed in a single screen.

Clicking on the commodity Menu will open two sub Menus "Search View" and "Tree View".

Select Tree View and enter in the text box the commodity to be searched and press "Enter Button".

Selecting the "Word Search’ would fetch all commodities with "Jewellery" in the description.

Phrase Search may be used when searching for commodities with more than 2 words.

For Instance if the commodity searched is "Jewellery", all commodities with the words "Jewellery" would be listed in the gird. Select the required commodity description and double click to display the relevant commodity in the grid below.

The commodity selected will be preceded by numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. The numbers indicates the levels of the commodity. No.1 indicates that there are four more levels to which further classification of sub commodities have been made.

Level 5 is the lowest and is the commodity for which the relevant details have been indexed in the software.

In the picture depicted alongside the commodity selected is ‘Imitation Jewellery’


After the schedule Entry, the basis on which the commodity is classified is noted in brackets as either a Schedule Description or as clarified in Clarifications

In the bottom grid, Tabs for the Schedule Entry, Act , Rules, Forms, Notification, Clarifications and Circulars as relevant would be displayed. Select the appropriate tab to view the provisions relevant to the Commodity.


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