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VAT Glossary
Sales Tax VAT Glossary and A Primer on Sales Tax VAT

( with reference to Tamil Nadu )


S.Sridharan, VAT Consultant, Madurai

I have presented the VAT terminology and the treatment of different types of transactions under VAT. The presentation is based on the TAMIL NADU VAT BILL,2006.

More precise information on tax treatment of different types of transaction under Tamil Nadu VAT Act will be available only TNVAT Act is enacted and the rules are notified.

Should you require any further information / clarification, you are welcome to e-mail me at sridharan@stvat.com.

Should you require SALES TAX VAT GLOSSARY and A PRIMER ON SALES TAX VAT (with reference to Tamil Nadu) in MS-Word format we shall be pleased to send you. Please e mail to info@tnvat.com with your name,designation and postal address.

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