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VAT Glossary
Sales Tax VAT Glossary and A Primer on Sales Tax VAT (with reference to Tamil Nadu)  
Branch Transfer in VAT Capital Goods in VAT
Composition of Tax Consignment Despatch in VAT
Declared Goods in VAT Deemed Sales in VAT
Deferral of Tax in VAT Exempt Goods
Export Sales in VAT General Registration Threshold
Industrial Incentives in VAT Input Tax
Input Tax Credit/Rebate Interstate Sales in VAT
Output Tax Period
Presumptive Tax Purchase Tax
Rates of Tax in VAT Registration - General
Registration - VAT RNR- Revenue Neutral Rate - Standard Rate
Retail Dealer Self Assessment
Reverse Credit of Input Tax Taxable Supplies
Tax Free Goods Tax Identification Number
Tax Invoice Transition to VAT
Treatment of Free Supplies in VAT Turnover Tax
UST Floor Rates VAT
VAT Refunds VAT Tax Invoice

VAT Registration Threshold

Zero Rated Sales























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