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What’s new in TNCT Online Portal

While the latest updates on online compliance is available in https://ctd.tn.gov.in/home , here is the gist of the recent updates

TDIN – Works Contractee / Works Contract Awarder

  • Under Rule 9(1) of TNVAT Rules 2007, Every Works contractee / Works Contract Awarder is required to obtain TDIN (Tax Deductors Identification Number) before paying any amount to the contractor for works contract. TDIN shall be obtained by filing Electronic Form XX in TNVAT New portal https://ctd.tn.gov.in/

  • After obtaining TDIN Works contractee / Works contract awarder shall deduct Tax from any payment made to Works contractor and shall remit the same to Commercial tax department and Furnish Return in Form R before 20th of Succeeding Month.

Addition of Options for Users in their User-IDs

  • If any dealer has forgot his Secret question provided at the time of online account registration the same shall be now changed with the help of the new link provided in their User-ID.

  • For VAT Practitioner application and Works contractee application option of Rejection is now made available.

  • Facility to upload documents in VAT Practitioner ID is now provided.

Filing of Returns 

  • Return for the month of June 2016 (Due in July 2016) must be filed in new portal.

  • The Returns for the months till May 2016, has to be filed in old website i.e., www.tnvat.gov.in. and Payment of Taxes related to such months must be paid using Old website.

  • To enable filing of Return for June 2016 please take care to Register / if registered please Login and renew your password, if required. Also validate your registration details using one time Dealer Data correction facility available in new portal

Pan Updation Facility

  • Update PAN details if not already updated

  • For correcting Errors in PAN details in Dealers Database, Dealers should contact their respective assessing authorities.

New Registration as dealer

Change in procedure for Application for Registration

Hitherto where Application for Registration was submitted using DSC there was no need to submit Physical copies of the Application and other documents

  • It is now updated that, any dealer applying for online registration with or without DSC, shall also file the Hard copies with their Registration Authority. Registration Process will start only after submissions of hard copies

  • However in the link in the scroll “Important instructions regarding online registration” , the instruction is not to file hard copy of the application for registration submitted using DSC. This requires be clarified.

Facility to correct wrong uploading of documents for new registrations

  • Any wrong document uploaded or any mistakes in documents uploaded shall be corrected by Dealer by uploading correct documents, for this Dealer has to make an request to Registration Authority and after such request the Registering authority will enable links for such Uploads in User Id of the Dealer




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